Valbonne and its surroundings include a number of magnificent fortified villages nestled in the lush countryside. If you have a construction or renovation project in Valbonne, our architecture offices are here to provide individually tailored services that will ensure its success.

Building company & design office in Valbonne

Our engineering office is based in Mougins and is specialised in luxury construction and interior design. These services include construction, renovation, restoration and conversions.  

Our company can manage the interior and exterior design of a traditional or modern apartment or villa. We can also manage all villa extension projects or indeed any other kind of construction project. We also complete renovation projects and can provide interior decoration services.

In order to allow you to project yourself in your future space, our partner architect favours realistic graphics. The 3D plan favours the setting in volume of the plans previously conceived and allows you to project yourself in your future space. The mastery of our partner architects in their respective fields of expertise will enable you to achieve the home of your dreams.

Interior designer & engineering office in Valbonne

Our design studio provide its services to private and professional clients with building projects in Valbonne. We can take charge of even your most ambitious renovation/construction projects; let us transform your imagination into reality. We offer a unique personalised interior design service that will ensure the successful completion of your projects.

Our team includes interior designers who are specialised in the construction of contemporary villas in Valbonne, Mougins, Cannes etc. Each project is completed with full respect for your budget, the environment and urban-planning legislations. We provide constant support from start to finish. 

Before each project we complete an advanced project survey and draft an initial plan. We also take care of the necessary administrative procedures for planning permission. We will also monitor the project's progress from A to Z and your satisfaction will be our priority.