René-Jean Rinaldi

Edouard-Jean Rinaldi

Ajdin Polic

Tom Lepoureau

Alexandre Lamanna

Virginie Carré Merisier

Adnen Smida

Muriel Lavenu
Assistant economist

Christophe Legall

Jérémy Barnoin
Assistant economist

Brigitte Rinaldi
administrative Manager

Isabelle Fouffet
Accounts management

Marion Bernède
management assistant

Nathalie Mora
executive assistant

We work with the top architects of the French Riviera

Our study office is composed of a professional team in charge of bringing your construction or renovation projects to life by working closely with specialized architects. Each team member is passionate about their work and provides you with their experience and expertise. Known for designing stylish decorations, we are open to dialogue to create projects that fit your needs.

A professional team at your service

Our study office is led by Edouard-Jean Rinaldi and a dynamic and creative team of experts in each field. Together with DPLG architects from the French Riviera, we offer construction, renovation, or extension services within deadlines.

We are committed to professionalism and precision in your construction or renovation work. We coordinate our efforts to ensure the success of your project and prioritize knowledge sharing and communication. We also provide 3D plans to help you envision your future interior.

We are dedicated to satisfying you and achieving success with your interior or exterior design project. We follow up on the work and ensure that it proceeds under the best conditions.

The members of the R-House Design team

Within our study office, you will find a team of competent and reliable professionals in their field of expertise (partner architects, designers, construction economists, etc.).

To offer you high-quality service, we collaborate closely with passionate and experienced architects. The rest of our team is made up of designers, graphic designers, draftsmen, construction economists, and project managers.

Each member works together to make your project a complete success (construction, renovation, building permits, plan design, etc.). Professionalism, precision, quality, and creativity are our guiding principles.