Do you dream of living in a modern villa whilst enjoying the quality of life that is so typical to the Cap d'Antibes? Fulfil your desires by calling on our design studio in Cap d'Antibes. Our team is specialised in contemporary design and will be able to satisfy your expectations, whatever the project: construction, renovation, vertical/horizontal extension, interior conversion or decoration, etc.

Building company & design office in Cap d'Antibes

Cap d'Antibes is dominated by its lush vegetation, historic residences and idyllic beaches. It is the preferred destination of all those who love the sea and an ideal place to make a home and enjoy its exceptional Côte d'Azur ambiance all the year round. 

Are you considering a construction, renovation, renovation or interior design project in Cap d'Antibes? Make quality your priority and benefit from our firm's individually tailored services. 

Our aim is to guarantee your satisfaction through our creative expertise in contemporary design. We will provide you with all of the professional expertise necessary for your project (architects, construction economists, project managers, interior decorators, craftsmen, etc.) as well as a complete range of services that will satisfy your every need.

Interior designer & engineering office in Antibes

We propose the opportunity to choose our degree of implication in our client's projects to guarantee total satisfaction. 

We can manage your projects from A to Z with minimal involvement on your part or equally you can remain an integral and active party in all of the operations essential to the completion of the works. Whichever you choose, you will always be at the head of your project and we will orient all operations in terms of the objectives that you define.

  Our team is able to complete numerous types of mission in Cap d'Antibes: consultations and advisory services, choice of materials, 3D design plans, energy efficiency and comfort optimisation, interior/exterior decoration, choice of furniture, vertical or horizontal extension, etc. Get in touch with our office in Cap d’Antibes to discuss your construction or interior design project.